Elvie Theus Nyionee
Biographical Information

3 September, 1996,
Irvingly, Hertfordshire, England

Blood Status


Marital Status



  • Ministiry Worker

Elvie Sig
Physical Information





5'10 (185cm)

Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family members

  • Theus Nyionee [Father]
  • Marlia Nyionee [Mother]
  • Nova Nyionee [Brother]

Magical characteristics



Apple, Dragon Heartstring
12¼, Slightly Flexible


West Dragon


  • Worker for DRCMC (Department
    for the Regulation and Control
    of Magical Creatures)



  • Nyionee Family
  • Ministry of Magic
    • Department for the
      Regulation and Control
      of Magical Creatures
""His Father Theus Nyionee was murdered and his mum died from a disease. So Elvie ended up as a head of Nyionee Family with interest in wandmaking and selling rare magical items which he forges himself""
—Elvie Nyionee's Chocolate Frog Card

Wandmaker Elvie Theus Nyionee, O.M. (First Class)(b. 3 September, 1996) is a Half-Blood wizard, the adopted son of Theus Nyionee and Marlia Nyionee. Elvie was raised by Centaurs and adopted by Nyionee family whose head was Theus Nyionee and so they moved into Irvingly in 2004

Elvie is the yougest child, his older brother Nova attended Hogwarts in 200 until 2004, during Christmas Nova taught Elvie the map of hogwarts and the spells he has learnt.


Early lifeEdit

His location of birth remains unknown as he was raised by Centaurs, however his life was hard as, centaurs were much stronger than humans at the age of 9 he was thrown into the lake where he was found by a young man named Theus. He decided to adopt Elvie as he was a tough child after being with centaurs. It took him 2 years to learn human language. It appeared that Elvie had to ability of using magic which pleased Theus as he was a wizard himself.

At the age of 11 Elvie was invited to Hogwarts as his father had good connections with their professors. He went to diagon alley to purchase a wand from Olivanders which was a Apple, Dragon heartstring 12 and a quarter inch long, slightly flexible. He was quite a unique student which caused him a lot of trouble.

Hogwarts years (2006-2011)Edit

Upon arriving at Hogwarts he was known as the Centaur child; even professors referred to him so, however after easily mastering spells on every of his lesson he was known as one of the powerful Students of his Year.

First YearEdit

He didn't know much about magic and that kind of things. However he was a star student when it came to Care of Magical Creatures. All the time without fail he was successfully controlling them.

Once his teacher offered him to go into the forbidden forest to find a life Werewolf and tame it. However the teacher was injured but Elvie scared him away with The Fire Making Charm Incendio which scared the creature away.

His teacher thanked Elvie for saving him and as a reward he gave him a rare necklace that allowed Elvie to stay awake during the night without fatigue. Which helped him revise which helped him get ahead of everyone.

Second YearEdit

Fourth YearEdit

Fifth YearEdit

Passed OWLs
DADA - Outstanding
Charms - Outstanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding
Potions - Outstanding
Herbology - Outstanding
Astronomy - Outstanding
History of Magic - Outstanding Care of Magical Creatures - Outstanding

Failed OWLs
Ancient Runes - Poor
Divination - Poor
Arithmancy - Poor

Sixth YearEdit

Seventh YearEdit

Passed NEWTs
DADA - Outstanding
Charms - Outstanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding 
Potions - Outstanding
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
Astronomy - Acceptable Care of Magical Creatures - Outstnading

Later life (1982-Current)Edit

Physical descriptionEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Magical abilities and skillsEdit





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